How much does a criminal lawyer cost?

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Arkansas?

Of all the questions lawyers are asked, the only question we get every time is “how much does a lawyer cost?” Traditionally, lawyers do not have flat-rate, across the board pricing, and many things will dictate the final price of a case.  While this is fine for the lawyer, this is less than desirable for the client, especially clients who are on a tight budget. By providing a “menu” of representation to choose from, the client is able to calculate the final cost up front. This way, the client can decide if they can afford the service without ever having to go through a lengthy consultation and they can easily figure out how the case will impact their budget. While certain factual situations can certainly change the price of a case, in the vast majority of cases the following prices will apply:

What does an attorney cost for misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are broken into several levels: A, B, C and Unclassified. “A” misdemeanors are usually things like Battery, Theft of Property, or Criminal Mischief. “B” misdemeanors are crimes such as Assault, Prostitution, and others. “C” misdemeanors are crimes such as Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. The most common Unclassified misdemeanor is DWI or BWI.

What does an attorney cost for a felony?

Felonys, like misdemeanors, are broken into levels. The levels denote how serious or how high the risk of prison time for the defendant is.  

MisdemeanorsA, B, C    
 Consult NeededConsult Needed$6,000$4,500$3,500


What does an attorney cost for a DWI?

For DWI cases, we offer an option where our firm will review your arrest file and provide an assessment of your case for $750.00. If after the assessment, you decide to take your case to trial, an additional fee will be agreed upon at that time.

What does an attorney cost for a Prison Rights issue?

Many individuals are currently incarcerated in either county jail or the Arkansas Department of Corrections.  These individuals have rights which must be protected, just as individuals living outside of these facilities.  We have the experience and resources to help ensure incarcerated individuals rights are protected.

Some of the services we can offer inmates are:

Initial Evidence Preservation and Assessment$500
Inmate Counseling (by phone)$150/(In person consultation rates are higher)
Probation Revocation Hearing$2,000
Terminating Probation Early$2,000

In addition to the listed services, we offer many others, and even offer customizable services and payment plans.  If you or someone you know needs representation of any kind, please contact us so we can start helping you today.