Questions for your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a difficult subject. Perhaps finding a family lawyer is not something you expected to do. While there are many questions to ask and issues to consider, below are a few items you should cover during a family law consultation. How much will my divorce cost? If it sounds too good to be true,…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Sep 10 2019


What Happens to My House During a Divorce?

What Happens to My House During a Divorce?    Property division in an Arkansas divorce sounds so simple, at first. The court attempts to reach an equitable (fair) solution.  A 50/50 split sounds like a really good way to do it, until you try to buy or sell one-half of your house. The stress, uncertainty, and emotional attachment to a family home can make it a…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Dec 18 2018


Arkansas Divorce Myths and Facts

If you are thinking about or going through a divorce in Arkansas, you will receive free advice from many sources and a lot of it will be wrong.   Most of us know someone that has been divorced and they will often give advice (whether you ask for it or not). Arkansas divorce law can be…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Nov 6 2018


How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

This is obviously a weighty and lengthy subject for a blog. I won’t pretend to offer anything comprehensive here; after all, I’m just a family lawyer, not a child psychologist or therapist. I have no advanced training in these issues. And I don’t have much personal experience about divorce to bring to bear on these…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Jun 28 2017


4 Things that are NOT in the Best Interest of the Child

There are a lot of concepts that are hard to define. Irony, for instance, is a tough one. Love, too—how do you define a word that can both be used to describe affection for french fries, The Beatles, and your mother? Here’s another concept whose meaning is unclear: The Best Interest of the Child. Everyone…

Custody and Support | Divorce | Family Law   •    Mar 2 2016


What is an Uncontested Divorce?

I get a lot of questions about divorce, especially about getting an uncontested divorce. I also get a lot of opinions. Some are correct, but most of them have more to do with TV shows about lawyers and bad advice from relatives than real law. (Not that I’m judging—I learned a lot about doctoring from…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Feb 1 2016


Is it Hard to Get Divorced in Arkansas?

Posts like this make me fondly remember the days when the Huffington Post actually had interesting things to say. (They don’t anymore.) The article is titled “The Five Best and Worst States for Getting a Divorce,” and while I’ll agree the title is interesting, that’s about all that’s interesting about it. According to the author,…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Dec 23 2014


“Redeeming” Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements tend to have a bad reputation, especially among Christians. To many, a “prenup” represents all the ugly aspects of our divorce-laden culture and reduces marriage to nothing more than a business transaction. And while I recognize that our culture is too flippant about divorce and far, far too concerned about money, Christians should…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Jan 20 2014


“Divorce Corp.” Movie

“I think death would be easier than divorce.” Divorce Corp. is a new film by Joseph Sorge, who used his own experience in family court to make a documentary detailing the excesses of the divorce “industry”—the family lawyers, family law judges, and family law counselors that depend on each other for their livelihood. I am…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Jan 17 2014


Divorce: How it rewrites your Estate Planning Documents in Arkansas.

If you get divorced in Arkansas, some of your estate planning documents will change automatically unless you plan around it. When most people are getting divorced, they never consider changing their estate plan, but they should. If an accident were to happen you would want to make sure the proper documents were in place. The…