What happens if I get caught with Marijuana in Arkansas? 

What happens if I get caught with Marijuana in Arkansas?  In Arkansas, possessing marijuana without a valid prescription is illegal. The possession of marijuana can range from an A- Misdemeanor all the way to a Y- Felony, depending on the amount and how it is packaged. The majority of Marijuana arrests in Arkansas will be for Class A – Misdemeanors…

Criminal Law   •    Jun 4 2020


Arkansas Game and Fish Violations: How will a violation affect my hunting rights? Can I go to jail for a violation? 

Arkansas Game and Fish Violations  How will a Game and Fish violation affect my hunting rights, and can I go to jail for a violation?  Game and Fish violations are grouped into five levels of violations. Each level carries different fine amounts and possibilities of county jail time. However, the most important part is the amount of points…

Administrative Law | Criminal Law   •    Feb 11 2020


What happens when charged with domestic battering or assault in Arkansas?

First Time Charge For Domestic Battering Or Assault In Arkansas – What Happens? Even if you’ve never been in trouble before, a charge for domestic battering or assault on a family or household member is a serious offense. A misdemeanor conviction could land you in jail, force you to move out of your home or…

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Stopped at a DWI checkpoint in Arkansas?

Stopped at a DWI checkpoint in Arkansas? DWI checkpoints have their own special sets of rules for the police to play by.  Unlike a traditional traffic stop for which turns into an arrest for driving while intoxicated, a sobriety checkpoint must follow its own set of rules. How does a traditional traffic stop occur? In…

Criminal Law | DWI   •    Jan 14 2020


When can I seal my criminal record?

In 2013 Arkansas passed what is referred to as the Universal Misdemeanor Sealing Act. This allowed most misdemeanors to be sealed 6o days after the successful completion of the sentence. The process before involved drafting and submitting a petition to seal, as well as an order to seal, along with a $50.00 filing fee payable…

Criminal Law   •    Oct 1 2019


Can I smoke weed on probation?

The short answer – Yes, if you follow the proper steps. Now that Arkansas has passed a medical marijuana law and is issuing cards to those that can properly obtain prescriptions from their doctors, you can use marijuana just like any other prescribed drug you would normally take for your health and that you would…

Conditional Release | Criminal Law | Drugs   •    Aug 13 2019


Arkansas Open Container Laws

Can I have an open container of alcohol in my vehicle while driving in Arkansas? Up until 2017, the answer was yes. But the recently passed HB 1001 changes that. Now, it is illegal for passengers to have an open alcoholic beverage while on a highway or other public road. It is legal to have…

Criminal Law | DWI | Traffic   •    Nov 27 2018


When can police stop my car?

This is a question we are asked all the time.  When can the police stop my car? The answer is: when the police have reasonable suspicion they may stop your vehicle. What is Reasonable Suspicion? Under Terry v. Ohio, an officer may only stop a vehicle if that officer has “reasonable suspicion” that the driver…

Criminal Law | Traffic   •    Sep 11 2018


What to Do If You’re Facing a Probation Revocation

Under Arkansas law, you can be sentenced to probation to avoid going to jail. If you are on probation, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to avoid a probation revocation. As you probably know, your probation can be revoked for many reasons, including failing drug tests, missing appointments with your probation…

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How much does a criminal lawyer cost?

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Arkansas? Of all the questions lawyers are asked, the only question we get every time is “how much does a lawyer cost?” Traditionally, lawyers do not have flat-rate, across the board pricing, and many things will dictate the final price of a case.  While this is fine…