Can I appeal my case?

Can I appeal my case? Judges often tell litigants that one of the parties is going to leave that courtroom unhappy.  Judges say this in hearings and trials, either before the arguments begin, before they make their ruling or ask the jury to deliver theirs, or maybe even right before the end of the hearing….

Appeals   •    Mar 5 2020


Can I Appeal a Decision Before the Case is Over?

I sure hate to do this to you, but I’ve got to: “It all depends.” Most of the time, you have to wait until the end of a case to appeal a judge’s decision. This includes rulings that may have occurred along the way, even if they were decided long before the final decision. And…

Appeals   •    May 22 2018


How Does A Judge Decide an Appeal?

An appeal decision is not as straightforward as you might think. To illustrate the point, I need to point you to an area in which I am almost completely stupid: Football. I basically watch enough football to be dangerous. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but I know enough to be able to shout…

Appeals   •    May 15 2018


Appeal Process: How Long Does an Appeal Take?

The entire appeal process in Arkansas can take as little as four months and up to two years. The four-month figure is not realistic, but it’s theoretically possible. It would require that everyone involved (appellant, appellee, court reporter, circuit clerk, trial court, Supreme Court clerk, and appeals court) handle their business immediately. This never happens….

Appeals   •    May 8 2018


Appellate Attorney | Should I Hire an Attorney for My Appeal?

Should I Hire an Appellate Attorney for My Appeal? The short answer is yes. I doubt you’re surprised by that answer. When is the last time, after all, that anyone heard of a lawyer turning down business? Truthfully, everything really doesn’t require a lawyer. Powers of attorney and (truly) uncontested divorces and simple wills can…

Appeals   •    Apr 3 2018


Appeal Procedure | How Do I File for an Appeal

There are two basic stages in an Arkansas lawsuit: Trial and Appeal. A trial is where you present the facts of your case to a judge, who will decide who wins. An appeal, however, is where you ask another judge to reverse the first judge’s decision because of a specific error that the first judge…

Appeals   •    Dec 22 2017