Beau W. Duty

Beau W. Duty

Law Clerk

1 Riverfront Pl, STE 745 North Little Rock, AR 72114

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Beau attended Harding University where he studied the medical sciences, but his severe aversion to blood discouraged him from entering medical school. Towards the end of Beau’s final year at Harding University, he married Elizabeth Gordillo and started a landscaping company so he could support his growing family. As a landscaper Beau enjoyed operating excavators, climbing trees, and meeting new clients the most. He landscaped for ten years except for a small two year hiatus, during which he taught high school chemistry and physical science at Calvary Academy. As a chemistry teacher, he was best known for his explosive lab demonstrations. He and his wife now have two boys. For extracurricular activities, Beau enjoys almost anything outdoors, especially when it includes spending time with friends. He regularly spends time running or cycling with his buddies, and prior to attending law school during the evenings, he carved out time to play basketball each week. His favorite outdoor activity is trout fishing, and he prefers to fish the Spring River, White River, and the Little Red River in that order.

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