We’ll walk a mile in your boots.

Whatever happened, we want to know about it exactly how you see it. You’ll be treated as a human, period. We won’t butt in. We won’t bury you in legal jargon. Your problems matter here.

Who We Are

Take everything you think about law firms and explode it with

10,000 sticks of dynamite.

Just to be clear, don’t explode anything. It’s a metaphor for changing perspective. And here is another one for you: WH Law is a cool breeze on a hot day. Our firm is built on a strong foundation of shared belief about law, people, and having fun. We operate a little different than the rest.

The Team

We’re just like you, we just have a knack for law.

WH Law puts the “i” in team by hiring impressive, independent, and insightful people to get the job done.

Brandon Haubert
Lawyer. Lake Fiend.​

Brandon Haubert

Lawyer. Lake Fiend.​

Jessica Hall

Lawyer. Lake Fiend.​

David Brockinton

Lawyer. Lake Fiend.​

David Slade

Let's make a
Badass Strategy
for you.

Busy now? Schedule a talk for later. Feeling chatty? Call Erica.


Your problem is unique, but it fits in a category of the law. This is the only time you will be put in a box, promise.

When things get messy, the plan has to be clear.

Payback is a scary word. Pay back is less scary.

You want a lawyer who won’t dismiss your needs.

Estate Planning

You only die once, right? Make it a good ending.

Personal Injury

Someone didn’t do X and we fight for the Y.

Professional License

These issues need lawyers who mean business.

Probate & Estate Admin

We’ll help you show them who is really in charge.

Adult Guardianship

Every guardian needs a guardian in the courtroom.

Class Action

Big-brain thinkers win the big company fights.


You care, so we share.

Unless you’re already a lawyer, you probably have questions. We believe in educating people on the law, even if they don’t use our services. Go ahead and dive in.


Don’t just take our word for it.

If there’s one common theme we hope you see, it’s that WH gives a sh*t. You’ll get a team that feels like a friend and fights like hell for what matters to you.

I stabbed a guy last year. My knife just happened to be really close to this dude’s neck while I was dining on a well-done T-bone steak. Well, as soon as I hit that bone, my knife went for the jugular. Thanks to Brandon, and everyone at WH, I avoided jail time.

Chris M.
Little Rock
Memphis, TN

Arkansas-born. Everywhere-bound.

WH Law is proud to call Arkansas home. It’s a place with good people, hard work, and no nonsense. We’re taking this show on the road, because clients are hungry for a new standard of lawyer.

Your first session is on us, so let’s get to it.

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